Fall & Spring Hours

Monday - Friday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm 

Saturday: 12:00pm- 8:00pm 

Sunday: Closed 

(Hours are subject to change) 

Week of Welcome Hours

We are currently operating on reduced hours and will be closed on various dates prior to the Fall 2023 semester.

August 16th (2pm-6pm) Free Crafts Only
August 17th (4pm-6pm) First Generation Pizza & Paint
August 18th (2pm-6pm) Free Crafts Only 

Our retail services (Pottery, Ceramics, and Printing) will resume on Monday, August 21st with the Fall hours of operation.

Services and Crafts

Large Format Printing  

8 Pottery Wheels  

Ceramics and Glazes 

Sewing Machines 

Arts and Crafts Supplies 

Outdoor Patio with Seating 

Monthly Events Hosted by Paper and Clay Staff  


Paper and Clay can be reserved for your next social gathering, team-building event, or other special events.

Visit our reservations page to learn more and reserve the space. 

Contact Information

For more information or questions, please contact gtpaperandclay@gatech.edu or call us at (404) 894-2827




Type Price
Figurines $3.00 - $15.00
Banks & Boxes $6.00 - $10.00
Bowls & Plates $7.00 - $20.00
Drinkware $5.00 - $20.00
Seasonal $7.00 - $15.00
Small Home Decor $5.00 - $10.00
Medium Home Decor $10.00 - $15.00 
Large Home Decor $15.00 - $20.00



Our clay prices include one inch of clay, use of tools, paint, bisque firing, and glaze firing. Please note that the availability of clay options are subject to change. Please contact Paper and Clay staff directly for specific inquiries.

Type Color Price
Standard Low Fire Earthenware White  $7 per inch
Red $7 per inch
Standard Mid Range Stoneware Tan $7 per inch
Dark Brown $7 per inch
Laguna Low Fire Earthenware Talc Free Grog White $7 per inch
Laguna Mid-Range Stoneware White Speckled $7 per inch
White w/ Grog $7 per inch
Speckled Dark Brown $7 per inch


Free Crafts

Coloring pages 

Beads and keychains 

Acrylic paint 

Perler beads and much more! 

Follow us on social media for more free crafting opportunities!  


Paper and Clay provides wide-format printing services for customers capable of printing in 24-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch widths and various lengths. 

Timeline | At this time we are accepting a limited number of orders per week. Standard orders have a turnaround of 3 days. For large orders, we ask that you place your order at least 1 week prior to the desired pick-up date. If we are unable to fulfill your order, we will direct you to additional resources that offer printing services. 

Rush Orders | Please note that depending on how many posters you have and the time your print order is received, rush orders may not be feasible for our team. We will work to accommodate any rush orders as requested. 

To submit a printing request, please complete the Print Order Form. Please be advised of our hours of operation, as orders will be completed during operating business hours. 

Standard Poster Sizes & Estimated Cost: 

At this time, we are only offering print services for the following dimensions 
Size Price
18" x 24" $6.00
24" x 36" $8.00
36" x 42" $16.00