Departmental Delivery Service Temporarily Reduced

Due to staffing limitations in the Postal Services team, delivery to campus departments will be reduced effective Monday, December 13, 2021. From then until further notice, most campus departments will receive one delivery/pickup each day instead of two. The departments who will continue to receive a morning and afternoon delivery/pickup have been contacted by the Postal Services team.

As a result of this change, any departmental mail received by Postal Services after the department's daily delivery will be processed and delivered the following business day at the scheduled delivery time. Departments have the option to retrieve mail or deliver outgoing mail directly to the 711 Mail Processing Center (MPC), located at 711 Marietta Street. Retrievals and drop-offs at the MPC should be made before 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this temporary disruption.

Inter-Campus Mail

  • Use inter-campus mail envelopes whenever possible, but be sure to cross out all previous names and information. Inter-campus mail must be separated from USPS Mail by securing it with a rubber band.
  • USPS outgoing mail must be accompanied by a Department Mailing Form. Failure to complete it properly can result in mail being returned. 
  • Always include the recipient's full name, department name and mail code. Click here for the most current mail code listing.
  • Mail is delivered and collected twice daily in most departments. All mail must be ready for pick-up when the carrier arrives at your department. 
  • The Georgia Tech Post Office is a government contract station, therefore all mail sent via inter-campus mail must be official Georgia Tech Correspondence. Personal mail is not permitted in the campus mail system.

Other Mail Guidelines

  • If you have a large mailing, which requires a special pick-up, you must make arrangements in advance by calling the Georgia Tech Post Office at (404) 385.4174.
  • When a faculty or staff member leaves Georgia Tech, or transfers to another department, it is the responsibility of the department to forward the individual's mail. Individual members of a department needing to modify their mail code information should contact their Human Resources associate or HR Business Partner.
  • Departments looking to change mail information should submit a Departmental Move Form.