Georgia Tech’s R. Kirk Landon Learning Center will officially close in May.

Georgia Tech strives to foster an environment that makes the Institute a great place to work by offering a child care program for faculty, staff, and students. Managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the Institute’s child care program is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that helps each child develop to his or her full potential.

In May, Georgia Tech’s R. Kirk Landon Learning Center will officially close. This announcement was recently shared with all R. Kirk Landon families by Student Engagement and Well-being’s Auxiliary Services department. The decision came after consideration of a few key factors impacting Georgia Tech’s child care services. Previously, the Institute operated two child care centers: the Children’s Campus (TCC), situated in Family Housing at 10th and Home, and the R. Kirk Landon Learning Center, located a few blocks away in the Home Park neighborhood. Managed by Bright Horizons, both centers offer a 10% tuition discount to Georgia Tech families.

Since the reopening of both centers after the pandemic, occupancy rates have not exceeded 67% at either location. Furthermore, while the centers are primarily intended to serve Georgia Tech employees and students, the percentage of campus families using these facilities dropped to less than 50% since the pandemic. One contributing factor to this decline in enrollment is the shift to hybrid work schedules, prompting employees to seek child care options closer to where they live.

Lower enrollment led to increased operational costs and inefficiencies; as a result, a consolidation of operations to enhance effectiveness was needed. The decision was made to retain TCC due to its on-campus location and modern facilities. Most Georgia Tech families at R. Kirk Landon will relocate their children to TCC. Bright Horizons is also equipped to accommodate children and teachers at one of their other nearby facilities.

As a result of the consolidation, the Institute will be able to redirect resources to offer a new service for all benefits-eligible employees: Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports. This online platform provides access to discounted services that can support working parents.

Enhanced Family Supports includes:

  • Child Care: Preferred enrollment at Bright Horizons centers, tuition discounts at partner facilities, and assistance in finding trained and screened nannies.
  • Summer Camp and School Break Programs: Activities from performance arts to coding, provided by Steve & Kate’s Camp.
  • Academic Support: Discounts for virtual and in-person tutoring services to support children's academic performance.
  • A+ Enrichments: Programs focusing on coding and early childhood learning to boost STEM and literacy skills.
  • Elder Care Planning and Support: Caregiver search tools and one-on-one guidance from senior care experts.
  • Even More for Families: Search tools for sitters, pet care services, housekeeping assistance, and before- and after-school programs.

This transition will provide new support services from trusted providers to Georgia Tech families facing diverse family challenges. This initiative also has the potential to contribute to employees’ personal wellness and productivity in the workplace. As organizations strive to create supportive environments for their workforce, programs like Enhanced Family Supports emerge as a vital component in fostering employee satisfaction and retention. The new program will be available by July to all regular employees working 30 or more hours per week, with plans to extend the program to graduate students by September.