Last semester, Student Engagement & Well-being’s Tech Dining Services launched two new initiatives offering healthier and more affordable dining options on campus – NourishU and Frugal Flavors.  

Last semester, Student Engagement and Well-Being’s Tech Dining Services launched two new initiatives offering healthier and more affordable dining options on campus: NourishU and Frugal Flavors

In alignment with the Cultivate Well-Being Roadmaps, Tech Dining's goal is to prioritize healthy eating while still providing tasty selections in dining halls and retail locations. NourishU offers appealing menus with health-conscious options, so you can nourish your body while indulging your taste buds. The NourishU initiative aims to enhance transparency by providing clear information about the ingredients in the food items available on campus.

As this initiative commences, the NourishU logo will serve as an identifier for healthier dining options. The logo will help consumers readily identify nutritious food that supports physical wellness. NourishU will showcase options focused on lean proteins, whole grains, and plant-based foods, as well as those items that promote heart health. The intention is to allow diners to make healthy choices without compromising on flavor.

The Tech Dining team has also made it their goal to better serve the campus by providing more affordable options across campus under the new Frugal Flavors initiative. Through Frugal Flavors, Tech Dining is making a commitment to regularly review all food pricing to make sure the Tech community has access to quality food at reasonable prices.

“Prioritizing convenience, flavor, health, and affordability — that is our focus as we enter the new year,” said Houston Freeman, Tech Dining’s director of Customer Experience. “We aim to provide a wide range of flavorful choices that will satisfy your cravings without emptying your wallet.”

To support the implementation of these initiatives, Heather Petty, Tech Dining’s dietitian, is serving as a nutritional consultant for students, faculty, and staff and offering advice to accommodate dietary choices, allergies, and specialized dietary needs.

“As the Tech Dining dietitian, my objective is to make sure all students have a resource for food knowledge and a go-to for their dietary goals,” said Petty. “I work with a diverse population of students whose needs range from religious- to allergy-related diets — all of which play a role in physical wellness.”

Connect with Tech Dining online and on social media (@techdining) to learn more about both new programs as they roll out over the next few months.