Tech Rec is the perfect place to have your next organization social, birthday party, corporate function, or other special event! Guests can enjoy six (6) bowling lanes, six (6) billiards tables, outdoor patio with games, board games, and so much more. For more information on reservations, event services, or to discuss your next function, contact the Tech Rec Manager at

Tech Rec Reservation Calendar

Before you submit your reservation request, take a look at our reservation calendar to find an open date that works for you!

Please note that Tech Rec is only available for one full facility rental per day to allow for students to use the space for a portion of each day.

Reservations (Groups of 13 or more)

All groups of thirteen (13) or more are required to pre-reserve the space by completing the online request form below. Reservations can be made starting one (1) year from the event date and all reservations are accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis. Once completed, Tech Rec staff will process the reservation and will email the next steps to all clients. Event requests are processed during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Please note that an event request submission does not guarantee that the room is available for the date and time you requested.  If the event space is not available, the Tech Rec events team will contact you with an alternative date and/or time. Events are not confirmed until Tech Rec staff receive all required information and the formal event confirmation email has been sent.

Tech Rec is reservable GT Events. Please use this guide to navigate the process of reserving space(s) in Tech Rec.

Reservations (Groups of 12 or less)

Tech Rec InstaReserve is for groups of up to 12 to reserve up to 2 bowling lanes or 2 billiards tables to use in the next 2 days. Reserve your spot in GT Events for you and friends and get the walk-in group rate for 10-12 people: $12/person for two hours with bowling shoe rental included. 

  • Booking must be made six hours in advance. 
  • Booking can be made up to 2 days in advance. 
  • Maximum number of Minutes allowed per booking: 120 minutes (two hours) 
  • Pay at the desk with a credit card or your BuzzCard 

To reserve via InstaReserve, follow these steps:

  1. Visit GT Events
  2. In the left side navigation, click Create a Reservation
  3. Under My Reservation Templates, scroll to find Tech Rec InstaReserve and click Book Now
  4. Enter your desired date and time and click Search
  5. A list of available spaces will populate. Select the space you'd like to reserve and fill in the information fields to reserve. 

Reservation Times

A minimum of two (2) event hours are required for all rentals. Each reservation includes the requested event time, plus a window before and after the event to allow for set up and/or clean up only. Guests are not able to utilize the equipment until the event start time.

  • Full Facility Rentals: One (1) hour before and after event start time. Extended time can be added for an additional cost.
  • Bowling Area Rentals: Thirty (30) minutes before and event start time
  • Billiards Area Rentals: Thirty (30) minutes before and event start time

Tech Rec is not reservable during the following times in the fall and spring semesters:

  • Mondays between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • During Georgia Tech home football games
  • If another client has reserved Tech Rec on that same day
  • Adjacent to a Tech Rec sponsored event or program. There must be two hours between events.

Reservations outside of normal business hours are allowed at the discretion of the Tech Rec Manager. This includes Sundays, government holidays that are recognized by the institution, and other predetermined closing days throughout the year. Tech Rec is normally closed the week between the end of one semester and the start of another, so these dates would be considered outside normal business hours. Rentals that are approved outside of normal business hours are subject to a $40 per hour staffing fee, which includes up to two staff.

Rental Spaces

Full Facility Rental

This rental type gives you private access to Tech Rec! 

  • Includes six (6) bowling lanes, six (6) billiards tables, outdoor patio with games, board game lounge, access to tables and chairs, all equipment needed to play, and use of audio/video technology. Socks are not included. 
  • Limited special set up options are available. 
  • Those wishing to reserve the full facility have priority and should reserve those at least thirty (30) days before the event.


Full Facility

  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
  Per Hour Two Hours Per Hour Two Hours
Student Organizations $250 $500 $350 $700
Campus Departments $300 $600 $500 $1,000
Off-Campus Clients $400 $800 $600 $1,200

Bowling Area Rental

  • Includes six (6) bowling lanes, shoes, bowling balls, and all equipment needed to play. Socks are not included. 
  • Up to six (6) people can bowl on each lane at a time. 
  • Space comes as is and does not allow any special set up. 
  • Pre-reserve partial bowling lanes two (2) weeks before the event date.

Bowling Area

  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
  Lane / Two Hours Full Area - Two Hours Lane / Two Hours Full Area - Two Hours
Student Organizations $40 $240 $60 $360
Campus Departments $50 $300 $70 $420
Off-Campus Clients $60 $360 $80 $480

Billiards Area Rental

  • Includes six (6) billiards tables and all other equipment needed to play. 
  • Up to four (4) people can play on each table at a time. 
  • Space comes as is and does not allow any special set up. 
  • Pre-reserve partial billiard tables two (2) weeks before the event date.

Billiards Area

  Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
  Table / Two Hours Full Area - Two Hours Table / Two Hours Full Area - Two Hours
Student Organizations $10 $60 $18 $108
Campus Departments $14 $84 $26 $156
Off-Campus Clients $20 $120 $34 $204

Only one type of rental (i.e. full facility, bowling area, or billiards area) may be reserved at the same time. If a client wishes to reserve both the bowling area and billiards area, a full facility rental will be required. 

Set Up Options

Special set up needs can only be accommodated during a full facility rental. During these, only the seating that is currently in the space may be utilized due to space/capacity requirements. The furniture can be rearranged to fit the groups needs but no other tables and chairs can be brought in for seating. Additional six (6) foot tables can be set added for catering needs, but the amount is dependent on other set up needs and the space limitations. The Tech Rec Manager can confirm how many additional tables can be added for each rental after client discusses specific set up needs for each event.


To accommodate institute visitors, there are parking zones and meters situated across campus for visitors to use. Please note that all visitor parking is first come/first served. Please visit the Visitor’s Parking Website to view more information about locations and hourly rates.

Visitor parking closest to Tech Rec can be found in the Student Center Parking Deck (W02) at Parkmobile Zone 8631. Please note, guests will share the parking deck with W02 campus permit customers. Prices vary based on the estimated number of vehicles.