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Our Purpose


Our purpose is to build community and promote a sense of belonging at Georgia Tech by providing a safe space where all students can celebrate spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.


General Use Guidelines

Appropriate Uses

  • The SCEC Reflection Space is utilized as a quiet space for Prayer, Meditation, and Reflection.
  • All events must maintain the sanctity of the space.
  • The capacity limit is 75.
  • Reservations should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your event.
  • Food is prohibited.
  • Events are scheduled based upon availability of staff.
  • Amplified sound permitted with prior approval AND confirmed reservation.

Hours of Operations

Staffed Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 10pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3pm


All property of the SCEC Reflection Space must remain within the space. Property includes tables, ottomans, audio/video equipment, and podiums. General rule of thumb: if you or your group does not own the item in question, then it cannot be removed from the space.

Furniture such as tables, chairs, ottomans, and podiums may be used and rearranged within the space, but the furniture must be returned to its original location.

Space is reserved as is.

Journaling tables are available upon request.

No additional table or chairs will be added to this space.

Cleaning Policy

Groups are responsible for restoring the space to its original condition upon the conclusion of their event. Failure to restore the space to its original condition can result in a re-evaluation of the group’s reservation privileges.

SCEC Decorations Policy

Storage Space

Reflection Space can store RSO and Campus partner resources that are essential to the use of the space.


Reserve Our Spaces

RSOs, Departments, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Community partners are welcomed to reserve the Reflection Space for activities, holidays, and/or campus resources that highlight spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.